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From: (Big 8 Management Board)
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups.proposals,,
Subject: RESULT: will be removed
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2013 16:53:36 EDT
Message-ID: <>


    will be removed

The Last Call for Comments (LCC) on 2013-02-26 initiated a five-day
period for final comments.  Following this comment period, the Big 8
Management Board has decided by consensus to remove the group


A low-volume newsgroup for many years, activity on has
recently diminished to just an arguably off-topic periodic bulletin with
a subject of "Top 10 Dance Chart", that does not appear to correspond to
any current programming on any radio station or network, that is also
widely and indiscriminantly crossposted to many other radio and music
newsgroups.  The last two on-topic posts to the newsgroup were on
September 15, 2010 and May 4, 2007.  The last two on-topic posts to the
newsgroup that generated on-topic followup discussion were on March 19,
2007 and July 30, 2005.  Therefore, there have been no on-topic posts
without followup discussion in over two years, no on-topic posts with
followup discussion in over five years, and judging from the minimal
on-topic posting history over at least the last ten years, there is no
realistic chance of significant on-topic activity returning.

Discussion so far:

There has been one post opposing the removal of this newsgroup from
Scott Dorsey in Message-ID <ke0rr7$ji3$>.

In response to Scott Dorsey, Bobb Rudd asked what perceived future need
was foreseen for in Message-ID
<>.  No reply was posted.

NEWSGROUPS LINE:       Topics relating to noncommercial radio.




       Subjects discussed might include
       - non-commercial AM/FM radio of the college and NPR variety
       - carrier current and cable based radio
       - do trade journals such as CMJ and Rockpool manipulate or aid?
       - upcoming conventions such as the Nat'l Assoc. of
         Broadcasters/BEA meeting in Atlanta and the Intercollegiate
         Broadcasters Society in NY
       - the newly released "Public Radio in the 1990s" report by The
         Public Radio Expansion Task Force
       - the FCC and its regulations
       - obtaining and managing non-commercial grants

HISTORY OF THE GROUP: is an unmoderated newsgroup which passed its
       vote for creation by 143:30 as reported in
       news.groups on March 21, 1990.

       For your newsgroups file:        Topics relating to noncommercial radio.

        Paul W. Schleck <>


2013-03-16: RESULT
2013-02-26: LCC - Also updated discussion so far
2013-01-26: Revised for 2nd RFD - Added additional pointer newsgroups
2013-01-16: Initial proposal