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From: Alexander Bartolich <>
Subject: 1st RFD: soc.religion.christian.youth-work moderated (remove)
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 17:16:55 EDT
Message-ID: <ho6107$oft$>

              moderated group soc.religion.christian.youth-work

This is a formal Request for Discussion (RFD) to remove moderated
newsgroup soc.religion.christian.youth-work.


A probe post to this group resulted in a bounce.

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soc.religion.christian.youth-work	Christians working with young people. (Moderated)




soc.religion.christian.youth-work is a moderated group providing a
forum for:

- discussing topics relevant to working with young people.
- exchanging ideas regarding youth/children's work
- support (prayer and otherwise) for youth leaders
- keeping in touch with developments in other countries/
- discussing available resources
- sharing experiences (both good and bad) to help others
- discussing current projects
- giving and receiving advice from others

Both "open" and "closed" youth work is discussed - the discussion of
work with eg inner-city kids, street kids etc is explicitly included.

- Articles from those involved in non-Christian youth/
  children's work are welcome providing they are also 
  relevant to Christian youth/children's work.

- Articles briefly informing about youth clubs/youth events 
  etc - both Christian and non-Christian are acceptable.  
  Details of a particular youth club's weekly programme is 
  considered too detailed!

- Bible study outlines should be referred to, unless specifically youth-oriented with 
  explicitly defined youth characteristics.

- Discussions about infant/adult baptism, doctrinal 
  differences, what is a cult, etc. should be referred to 

- Discussions of general youth behavior will be evaluated as
  to whether it is better here or in or 

- Discussions about church/christian music (as opposed to 
  youth performances or music in youth events) should be 
  referred to

- Discussions about home schooling  and release-time christian 
  education will be evaluated as to whether it is better here
  or in


- The moderator will reject personal attacks, ad hominum and
  postings with scatalogical/profane language or images;

- The moderator will act to limit repititious discussions and 
  those that seem to be leading nowhere;

- The moderator will interpret "Christian" broadly for the 
  sake of encouraging discussion, including groups some may 
  think cultic, and permitting contributions by such groups 
  of youth programs and issues in dealing with youth.

- The moderator will use his/her judgement as to when 
  discussion of programs ceases and discussion of doctrine 

- The moderator will return or re-direct any articles which 
  cross the charter guidelines.

- The moderator will provide a brief explanation to the sender 
  of any article which is rejected (unless the article is 
  obviously not suitable for the group or contains profane 
  language etc - in which case the moderator won't waste 
  his/her time!)

- The moderator will, from time to time, post the charter and 
  moderation guidelines to the group so that regular 
  contributors can be reminded of the group's purpose, and 
  new "members" can get a feel for what is going on.

- the CHANGE OF MODERATOR-procedures are available from the
  moderator on request.  These define the way in which a 
  new moderator should be chosen should the current
  moderator become unavailable, or if the group is unhappy
  with the current moderation.  These guidelines will only
  be posted to the group if a request for a change of 
  moderator is received, or if the moderator steps down.

Full-time moderator - Shawn Wicks Freilinger <>
Deputy moderator - Tim Wears <>


soc.religion.christian.youth-work is a moderated newsgroup which passed
its vote for creation by 381:86 as reported in news.announce.newgroups
on 12 Jul 1994.


Alexander Bartolich <>


Those who wish to comment on this request to remove this newsgroup should
subscribe to news.groups.proposals and participate in the relevant threads
in that newsgroup.

To this end, the followup header of this RFD has been set to

In the course of the removal process four formal announcements are posted
(MVI, 1st RFD, 2nd RFD, and LCC), each taking two weeks. At the end of the
process the B8MB will vote on the issue.

Available options for soc.religion.christian.youth-work are:
- leave the group as it is
- remove the group

For more information on the MVI process, please see


2010-02-27	Probe post
2010-03-07	Moderator Vacancy Investigation
2010-03-21	1st RFD