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Subject: Moderator Vacancy Announcement/Investigation:  comp.lang.asm.x86
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 01:52:38 EDT
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Moderator Vacancy Announcement/Investigation (MVA/MVI)

This is a formal Moderator Vacancy Announcement/Investigation (MVA/
begun because the moderated newsgroup comp.lang.asm.x86 (c.l.a.x) is
functioning, and has lost its moderator.  This investigation will
attempt to verify the reasons for non-function [the Stump software at is failing to inject approved posts into the NNTP servers
at], and may result in the removal of the group [a
Removal RFD will be posted], the unmoderation of the group, or the
selection and installation of a new moderator.


  As you know, we're looking for a moderator for the comp.lang.asm.x86

  Some background on the job: moderating a newsgroup requires that
somebody involved have a fair technical background, both to get the
software up and running and to maintain it.  Moderation can be run by
single individual, or by a team of moderators, depending on the
chosen.  And the software can be set up to require hand-approval for
each post, to be entirely controlled by the robot, or somewhere in

  Non-technically, moderators are expected to be impartial and fair;
they effectively own the group in question, and with that comes some
level of responsibility.  Within those bounds, the rules are pretty
flexible; as long as you can maintain a user-base, you're probably

  Now then - all of that said, I suspect that your best bet would be
to work out a team moderation plan.  Most posts would be auto-approved
by the 'bot; those that weren't would be looked after by your team of
moderators, and approved as quickly as reasonably possible.  For this,
you would need to decide:

        - Who's going to participate.  It doesn't have to be all of
          and it doesn't have to *just* be you.

        - How you want the software to run.  I can offer suggestions
          you'd like, but I'd prefer that you discussed it among
          yourselves first.

        - Who's going to actually run the software.

  All of this may be a fair topic for discussion on news.groups,
instead of just amongst yourselves.  Mind, you should keep a private
mailing list running [one has been setup at SourceForge for this
purpose], so you don't get bogged down in news.groups if you don't

  You probably want to review the old moderation policies, for

[Copied from Part I Subject 3.1 of the x86 Assembly Language FAQ]

The moderated newsgroup comp.lang.asm.x86 will be open to discussions
all topics related to assembly language and low-level programming on
machine using a x86 processor or its clones.  Appropriate topics would
include, but not be limited to:

Assembly language code tips, tricks, and techniques.
MASM, TASM, and other commercial assemblers
NASM, and other non-commercial assemblers
Graphics, sound, and other hardware programming
Assembly language related utilities commercial/share/free-ware
Linking assembly language with other languages
Inline x86 programming utilizing assembly emulators in higher level
Propagation of non-commercial Internet x86 resources
Any question/discussion of the direct programming of the x86

Topics that will be filtered are:

Flames about "{Language X} is {better/worse} than ASM"
Flames like "{Assembler 1} is {better/worse} than {Assembler 2}"
Flames, personal attacks, insults, etc.
HLL code, except when used for low-level hardware programming.
Product comparisons except when presented in an unbiased fashion.
Advertisements unrelated to assembly programming or utilities.
Posts in languages other than English will be examined for approval
if any of the moderators can read the language in question.  There
is no guarantee of approval for a post in any language other than

Posting to comp.lang.asm.x86, a moderated newsgroup, is not any
different for you as posting to an unmoderated newsgroup.  When you
finished composing your post just send it as you normally do.  Your
ISP’s news server will send the post to the moderator’s e-mail
Once approved, the moderator will post it.  Therefore, you will not
your postings immediately in the newsgroup.  It should take no longer
than a day or so to see it.


The comp.lang.asm.x86 moderator, Charles A. Crayne, unexpectedly
away in February of this year.  The newsgroup continued to function in
a nearly normal manner (until now) due to his wife kindly leaving the
server running and the work of his assistant moderator, Jim Carlock,
continuing to remotely manage the group.  However, even with the
additional kind assistance of Frank Kotler, the Stump robo-moderator
software at the Crayne household has recently failed to perform the
desired duties.  Unless we are able to find someone with the necessary
will, resources, and requirements for the moderator post, the
should be requested for removal or unmoderation.


The comp.lang.asm.x86 newsgroup was created based upon voting on a
Request for Discussion (RFD).  It seems to have gotten its start in
September of 1994.

A few relevant links:


As enumerated at:

First, determine that a vacancy exists.  The following links should be

Second, place the group under interim management.  This has been the
case since the middle of February due to the diligence of Jim Carlock,
remote assistant moderator, and, more recently, Frank Kotler.
as stated earlier [the Stump software at is failing to
approved posts into the NNTP servers at], this
arrangement is not satisfactory.

Third, find a more permanent solution.  Specifically:

We can appoint a new moderator.
We can convert the group to unmoderated status.
We can remove the group.
But, we cannot leave the group under robo-moderation.


The CLAX charter is available at the X86 Assembly Language FAQ links
listed above and has already been quoted in this MVA/MVI text.


Nathan C. Baker  nathancbaker at gmail dot com


This document has been posted to the following:

news.announce.newgroups (moderated)
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2009-04-19  MVA/MVI  NCB