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From: The Big-8 Management Board <>
Subject: RESULT: sci.physics.foundations will be created
Newsgroups: sci.astro.research, sci.physics.research,
 news.announce.newgroups, sci.physics.strings, news.groups.proposals
Followup-To: news.groups.proposals
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 22:28:50 -0600

                sci.physics.foundations will be created

The Last Call for Comments on 31 Jan 2006 initiated a five-day period for
final comments.  Following this comment period, the Big-8 Management Board
has decided by consensus to create the newsgroup sci.physics.foundations.

This group will be created on 12 Feb 2007.

NEWSGROUPS LINE: sci.physics.foundations

sci.physics.foundations	Fundamental and philosophical physics. (Moderated)


Light moderation is intended, aimed not at restricting subject matter
but at reducing noise. Under this guidance, the following sorts of
material are deemed appropriate for sci.physics.foundations:

Posts on any issue of the foundations of physics or philosophy of
physics, in particular posts on unresolved or controversial issues.

We are human beings before we are scientists; posts of a purely humorous
or social nature, e.g. "thanks for the explanation" will be allowed.

The following sorts of material are deemed inappropriate for

Personal attacks (e.g. flames) and overly-scathing corrections;
Discussion that isn't about or related to physics; Multiple responses
which all say the same things; Advertisements unless deemed in the
interest of the group; Posts about theories which are, in the opinions
of the moderators, clearly inconsistent with empirical evidence; Posts
about theories of nature with neither mathematical nor predictive
content; Crossposts.

Posters will be expected to maintain high standards of manners. We
should recognize that we all make mistakes, and that making and then
correcting mistakes is fundamental to scientific methodology. Crackpot
physics starts not with making mistakes, but with a failure to recognize
mistakes. Part of the function of the group should be to assist
independent researchers in trapping and correcting mistakes in serious
scientific research. Corrections should be phrased with due diplomacy.

MODERATION POLICY: sci.physics.foundations

Moderation will be aimed primarily at maintaining the level of debate.
It is not intended for the moderators to trap errors in posts about
research, since that is part of the rationale for the group.

Speed of moderation is important for maintaining good discussion. It is
intended to use ReadySTUMP which combines facilities with ease of use.
Pre-approval for regular posters with a record of adherence to the
charter will be considered, subject to the constraint that
transgressions should result in rapid removal of pre-approval status.
If white listing is used, posters will be asked to complain directly to
the moderators about transgressions rather than by posting to the group.

If a moderator has doubts about whether a post meets the policy
described above, the post should either be allowed or referred to the
other moderators for a consensus view. If a poster disagrees with the
rejection of his post he may appeal to the team of moderators. If any
moderator thinks the post should be allowed, it will be allowed.

Posts enquiring about college physics will not be prohibited, but
posters will be encouraged to send such posts to sci.physics.research
when appropriate for that group. Posts on particular theories covered by
other groups would generally be considered more appropriate in those

MODERATOR INFO: sci.physics.foundations

Moderator:                Charles Francis <>
Moderator:                Jay R. Yablon <>
Moderator:                Fred Diether <>
Moderator:                Peter Enders <>

The moderators have, between them, extensive experience as posters on
Usenet, and have an active interest in physics research supported by
submissions to arXiv, which generally requires the endorsement of an
established physicist, or by publications.

Further information on the moderators and on this proposal may be found

Article Submissions:
Administrative Contact:


This document has been posted to the following newsgroups:



Charles Francis <>

Co-Proponent: Jay R. Yablon <>
Co-Proponent: Fred Diether <>
Co-Proponent: Peter Enders <>


2007-01-15     1st RFD
2007-01-24     2nd RFD
2007-01-31     3rd RFD/LCC
2007-02-07     Results