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From: The Big-8 Management Board <>
Subject: Moderator Replacement Announcement: rec.aviation.stories (LAST CALL FOR COMMENTS)
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups, rec.aviation.piloting,
 rec.aviation.stories, news.groups.proposals
Followup-To: news.groups.proposals
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006 12:33:34 -0600

                   Moderator Replacement Announcement

This is a formal announcement that the Big-8 Management Board intends to
replace the moderator of rev.aviation.stories.  


Those who wish to comment on this proposal should subscribe to
news:news.groups.proposals and participate in the relevant threads in that

To this end, the followup header of this post has been set to

All discussion of proposed nominee should be posted to

If desired by the readership of closely affected groups, the discussion
may be crossposted to those groups, but care must be taken to ensure that
all discussion appears in news.groups.proposals as well.

For more information on the B8MB, please see


The group was part of a reorganization of the rec.aviation.* hierarchy
and was created as the result of a successful vote (September 24, 1992).

As designed, the group had low but generally on-topic traffic for
most of its lifetime, although the last periodic post by the moderator
was in 2002.

The founding moderator of the group, Geoff Peck, died on August 7, 2006.
Larry Dighera has volunteered to serve as moderator for this newsgroup.
Dighera intends to preserve the original charter and moderation policy
of the group, as listed here:


A home for one of the greatest strengths of rec.aviation -- longer
postings of stories and experiences, including descriptions of
cross-country trips, "I learned about flying from that", airshow reports,
and so on.  The moderator will reject shorter articles and subjects which
aren't appropriate to the group, and will ensure that articles meet
minimum readability standards (i.e., line lengths).  Follow-ups will be
directed to other groups.  It is expected that this group will typically
contain only one or two articles a week.  Articles for anonymous posting
will be accepted.


Please note that rec.aviation.stories is a moderated newsgroup.  To post
to rec.aviation.stories, you may either use your standard Usenet posting
mechanism or you may send e-mail to:

I will try to "turn around" articles within a day or two and post them
to the net.  You will receive an automated response by e-mail when your
article is posted.  Follow-ups will be directed to the appropriate
unmoderated group.

MODERATOR INFO: rec.aviation.stories

Moderator:              Larry Dighera <>

Article Submissions:
Administrative Contact: <>



This document has been posted to the following newsgroups:


An effort will be made to alert readers of the following groups to the RFD
as well by placing pointers to the thread in

   rec.aviation.aerobatics     Aerobatics and unusual attitude flying
   rec.aviation.announce       Events of interest to the aviation community (Moderated)
   rec.aviation.answers        Frequently asked questions about aviation (Moderated)
   rec.aviation.hang-gliding   Hang-gliding, paragliding, foot-launched flight
   rec.aviation.homebuilt Selecting, designing, building, and restoring aircraft
   rec.aviation.ifr            Flying under Instrument Flight Rules
   rec.aviation.marketplace    Aviation classifieds
   rec.aviation.military       Military aircraft of the past, present and future
   rec.aviation.military.naval Discussion of Naval Aviation subjects
   rec.aviation.misc           Miscellaneous topics in aviation
   rec.aviation.owning         Information on owning airplanes
   rec.aviation.products       Reviews and discussion of products for pilots
   rec.aviation.restoration    Forum for debate on aircraft restoration
   rec.aviation.rotorcraft     Helicopters and other rotary wing aircraft
   rec.aviation.simulators     Flight simulation on all levels
   rec.aviation.soaring        All aspects of sailplanes and hang-gliders
   rec.aviation.stories        Anecdotes of flight experiences (Moderated)
   rec.aviation.student        Learning to fly
   rec.aviation.ultralight     Light aircraft in general, all topics
   rec.aviation.balloon        Hot air and gas balloons and airships
   rec.aviation.powerchutes    Safety and operation of powered parachutes


Martin X. Moleski, SJ <>
   (acting on behalf of the Big-8 Management Board)
Larry Dighera <>


2006-12-07      Edited and posted by Tim Skirvin
2006-11-24      First draft by Marty Moleski.