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Present: RL, TM, JE

  • Administration
    • Processing of rmgroup control messages
      • TM reported that he had contacted Eternal-September. They have replied that they are investigating the matter and suspect that it's a technical issue on their end.
      • TM reported that he had contacted Panix. They have replied that the rmgroup messages were not processed due to a technical issue on their end relating to the signing keys. The issue has been fixed, they have processed the latest checkgroups, and will continue to process control messages in the future.
      • TM reported that he had contact Aioe.org but has so far received no response.
    • news.newusers.questions news.newusers.questions on Google Groups moderator search
      • JE reports that the discussion is continuing but so far so one has volunteered.
    • Adding Members to the Board draft
      • No further progress; agreed to defer to next meeting.
    • How to volunteer updates
      • TM reported that he has removed all on-wiki references to the Working Groups (except the Technical Team) and has notified those existing members with whom we were in contact that their services are no longer required.
    • Control message signing key
      • TM reported that has updated on-wiki references to our control message signing key so that both the old and new keys are described.
    • news.groups.proposals draft RFD
      • TM reported that he drafted an RFD to suspend news.groups.proposals in favour of news.groups. JE agrees with the RFD; RL hasn't yet read it in detail. Agreed RL would read the RFD and send feedback. If no major changes are to be discussed, then TM can post the RFD.
    • Volunteer moderator
      • TM reported that Salahuddin has now set up STUMP with a view to serving as a volunteer moderator. TM to follow up on whether the installation is working
  • Publicity
    • Off the Hook
      • TM reported that he wrote to Rob Vincent on 2022-05-04 regarding their recent program on Usenet and offering to participate in any future show they may be planning
    • Register
      • No further updates from JE; agreed to defer.
    • CarolinaCon talk
      • JE's talk is now available on YouTube as part of an omnibus recording of an entire conference day. Agreed to hold off on publicizing the video for now, as the organizers may be splitting the video up into individual talk videos.
  • Infrastructure
    • Forwarding for Board's main e-mail address
      • JE reported that he is still in the process of deactivating the forwarding for the Board's main account.
    • Own NNTP server
    • JP suggested that the Board could set up its own NNTP server for internal use with a view to eventually using it for self-hosted (Web)STUMP. The Board agreed that this was a good idea but low priority, since migrating the Panix scripts would be a major undertaking.
    • JE reported that he has committed some changes to the codebase.
    • TM reported that Salahuddin indicated he may be willing to (help) maintain STUMP. TM to follow up.
  • Misc
    • TM gave apologies for the 13 and 20 May meetings.
    • It was agreed to cancel 13 May meeting, except in case of urgent business.
    • It was agreed to reschedule the 20 May meeting to 19 May at 16:00.