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Present: RL, TM, JE

  • Infrastructure
    • ngp e-mail issues
      • JE: Not certain why the forwarder was not working only for ngp e-mails. We could try using a dedicated account for ngp e-mails and tell JK to update his STUMP instance accordingly, or else remove the forwarding from the Board's main e-mail account (which is a real mailbox).
      • The meeting decided to remove the forwarding from the Board's main e-mail account. JE to send RL and TM the login details via encrypted e-mail, and to submit a test post to news.groups.proposals to make sure that everything is working now.
  • Administration
    • Processing of rmgroup control messages
      • TM has contacted Panix, Aioe.org, and Eternal-September requesting an explanation for why they are still carrying the comp.software.shareware.* groups.
      • JE contacted Omicron, a backbone provider, to ask the same question. They replied that they don't update the group list because they cater only to file sharers. Since many resellers rely on Omicron, JE asked to get in touch with their news admin anyway to talk about syncing their Big-8 groups.
    • news.groups.proposals RFD
      • TM hasn't yet posted the RFD to move discussion back to news.groups but will do so soon.
    • news.newusers.questions news.newusers.questions on Google Groups moderator search
      • JE posted a request for volunteers. Agreed to let the discussion run a few more weeks to attract responses.
    • Adding Members to the Board draft
      • JE hasn't yet prepared a draft but will try to do so by next meeting.
    • How to volunteer updates
      • TM hasn't yet removed the references to working groups since these are tightly intertwined with the rest of the wiki. Will try to do so by next meeting.
  • Publicity
    • Off the Hook interview
      • RL has heard the past radio show and has no objections to our participation. TM to write to them indicating our availability for an interview.
    • Possible Register article
      • JE has agreed on an informal meeting with the journalist in the next week or two
    • CarolinaCon talk
    • JE's CarolinaCon talk will take place at 13:00 EST (UTC-04:00) tomorrow (30 April) and will be streamed on the CarolinaConVideos YouTube channel. Audience participation possible via Discord; see CarolinaCon website for connection details.