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Present: RL, JE, TM

  • Administration
  • Publicity
    • TM reported that our LibrePlanet 2022 talk "Revitalizing Usenet" has been accepted for presentation on Saturday, 19 March 2022 from 13:35 to 14:20 EDT. The LibrePlanet 2022 program has not yet been updated to mention this.
  • Infrastructure
    • (Web)STUMP instance for news.groups.proposals
      • TM reported that Jonathan Kamens's (Web)STUMP instance for news.groups.proposals had been down, evidently for quite some time. Messages as old as 18 October 2021 were in the queue. TM had notified JK, who fixed the problem and resubmitted the pending articles, some of which TM subsequently approved. The meeting agreed to implement a daily cronjob to ping JK's WebSTUMP instance and e-mail us if it goes down again.
      • TM reported that submission notifications for the moderator of news.groups.proposals get sent to the ngp-mods Google Group but Google is quarantining all such notifications as possibly spam and only notifying us about them once per week. This is despite the Group's "Message moderation" option set to "No moderation" and its "Spam message handling" option set to "Moderate and notify content moderators". The meeting agreed to ask JK to send notifications directly to the Board's e-mail address and not to ngp-mods.
      • TM reported that when JK's STUMP sends moderators the notifications about pending submissions, it does so by attaching the original article as a message/rfc822 attachment to a multi-part MIME message, which RL's mail server bounces. The meeting agreed that RL would ask JE to change the rlucas alias at big-8.org so that it forwards to another account of his.
  • Misc
    • TM reported that he had received an offer to volunteer from Bill Horne. TM has written back asking for further details on what sort of volunteer work Bill would like to do.