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Present: RL, JE, TM

  • Administration
    • Defunct comp.software.shareware.* groups
  • Moderation test group
    • JE has learned through the Usenet discussions he initiated that there is already newsgroup in the de.* hierarchy that does exactly what he had proposed. He will investigate it in further detail and then update our documentation to recommend its use.
  • Infrastructure
    • SpamCop report
      • JK reported problems arising from an incident in which we apparently reported an e-mail from his server to SpamCop. RL had already given a preliminary response to him and shut down our own reporting script on Panix as a precautionary measure. TM thinks the problem was rather that he may have manually reported a spam message forwarded for moderation by JK's STUMP instance, not realizing that it was nominally a newsgroup submission. In this case the solution is for TM to either (1) make sure that his SpamCop account whitelists JK's mail server (and to apologize to JK for the inconvenience), or else (2) use some filter to make messages forwarded by JK's mail server more conspicuous so they do not get accidentally reported. TM to review his logs to determine whether it was really he who reported the message in question.
  • Misc
    • JE reported that he is providing new Usenet archives (articles from 2003 to present) to archive.org
    • RL reported that Owen has sent more changes concerning nice usability features. RL will try to review them on the weekend. At some point in the near future we can do a 2.6 release.