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Present: RL, JE, TM

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    • TM has written to Panix re their not yet carrying comp.infosystems.gemini comp.infosystems.gemini on Google Groups, though JE points out that they may be waiting for the monthly checkgroups message on the 15th
    • TM reports that on 2021-10-02 the moderators of rec.radio.broadcasting rec.radio.broadcasting on Google Groups announced that they are winding down the group due to inactivity. Paul Schleck suggests that it would be futile to search for volunteers to take over as moderators, given the extensive public discussion about the announcement on Usenet and on the Web.
      • It was agreed to defer consideration of removing the group until the Board's 2021-12-10 meeting.
  • (Web)STUMP
    • TM reports that following e-mail correspondence, he has added Owen Rees to the Savannah projects for STUMP and WebSTUMP.
    • RL reports that Owen Rees has contributed a number of bug fixes and enhancements in separate Git branches. RL has questions about one proposed change (regarding a binary wrapper) but advocates immediately accepting the rest.
    • It was agreed that, in the interests of being able to easily compile a change log for the next release notes, RL would create issues in the Savannah bug tracker for each change of Owen's, and then close these issues once the changes were merged into the master branch.
    • It was agreed that RL would write to Owen for further details on the binary wrapper change.
    • RL reports that Owen has offered to make further contributions and has asked what existing issues should be prioritized.
    • It was agreed that RL would suggest that Owen work first on STUMP Issue #60445 and thereafter on anything he'd like.