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Present: RL, JE, TM

Note: The meeting on 2021-10-29 was cancelled on short notice due to illness and other commitments on the part of the Board members.

  • Administration
    • JE - comp.infosystems.gemini comp.infosystems.gemini on Google Groups was created on Monday, 25 October at around 20:00GMT. Many news servers (especially commercially operated services like Google Groups) are not picking up the new group automatically.
      • TM to contact Panix to tell them to carry the group.
  • Publicity/outreach
    • JE - working on a series of online videos on Usenet to be eventually turned into a short course
  • Infrastructure
    • JE - suggestion for the creation of an official Big-8 YouTube channel. Agreed that JE could create the channel and send encrypted credentials to TM and RL.
    • JE - E-mail from Owen Rees of the uk.* hierarchy regarding merging his changes into the official STUMP distribution. Owen will be determining to what extent this is feasible and getting back to us.
  • Misc
    • JE has cancelled his appointment on 19 November and so will be able to attend that day's meeting after all
    • TM gave apologies for the meetings on 26 November and 3 December
    • Agreed to cancel the meetings on 24 December and 31 December