From Usenet Big-8 Management Board

Present: TM, RL, JE

  • Infrastructure
    • TM: For article submissions sent by e-mail to comp-ai@nan.users.panix.com, STUMP (sometimes?) sends a notification with the headers
      To: tmiller@big-8.org, jsevans@big-8.org, rlucas@big-8.org
      Subject: [??? ] Moderated Newsgroup Submission Received
      instead of
      To: tristan@logological.org
      Subject: [comp.ai] Moderated Newsgroup Submission Received
      as expected.
      • RL: This is because of a moderator notification script called by our procmail setup. The script decides which moderators to notify based only on the Newsgroups: header, which is naturally missing from submissions sent via e-mail.
      • Agreed that RL would modify the notification script so that it contains a mapping of To addresses to newsgroups, and to use this to send the notification to moderators of all relevant groups.
  • Publicity
  • Finances
    • TM: USD 100 donation from Open Collective