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Present: TM, RL, JE

  • Infrastructure
    • JE: I did some research on control messages and Google Groups. It appears that Google is not adding new newsgroups even when they are created correctly and appear in the ISC newsgroup list.
    • JE: Mail/Web server patched and rebooted last week.
  • Misc
    • JE: Response from Ronda Hauben agreeing to a conversation about Netizens and Usenet and asking for a suitable time and what topics we're interested in. TM and RL to send JE topics of interest for a reply.
    • JE reminded the meeting that 'Netizens, the book Ronda wrote with her son Michael is available online.
  • JE noted that Ronda and her husband have been producing the Amateur Computerist e-zine since 1988.
    • RL reported that the Board had received an e-mail query about which groups are currently active, which he responded with data provided by JE
  • Conference
    • TM still to review the feeler message
  • Administration
    • TM still to reply to Paul Schleck and Panix