From Usenet Big-8 Management Board

Present: TM, RL, JE

  • Publicity
    • TM: Moved JE's text on finances from Press releases/2020-11 to Finances and How to volunteer or donate, as it's probably better to have dedicated pages on these topics than to retroactively modify a timestamped press release
    • TM: Finances need to be updated with domain registration fees
    • Agreed on TM's draft announcement on the Board's finances, to be posted to news.announce.newgroups news.announce.newgroups on Google Groups and news.groups news.groups on Google Groups next week.
    • JE: Will look into AMA on Reddit; report back next week
  • Administration
    • JE reported no response yet re pcdaw group
    • TM reported on Russ Allbery's announcement of the new Big-8 signing key: 871rchk3sd.fsf@hope.eyrie.org View article on Google Groups JE to follow up on this for next meeting
  • Misc
    • TM: To-do list still to do ;)
    • JE: No response yet from Rhonda Hauben