From Usenet Big-8 Management Board

Present: TM, RL

Apologies: JE

  • Administration
    • TM to prepare Open Collective announcement in case JE is not able to
    • TM to compile list of outstanding tasks
  • Infrastructure
    • TM replied in the negative to a message from Bill Horne asking if we want to keep the Board's Google Workspace account
  • (Web)STUMP
    • TM noted that the (new) Google Groups interface fails to word-wrap submissions to Usenet, and that STUMP by default hard-wraps these at line 75. TM suggested adding an option to STUMP to do soft-wrapping. Agreed this would be entered into the STUMP issue tracker and assigned to RL.
    • TM noted that (Web)STUMP places its rejection message at the end of the e-mail, where it is likely to be overlooked, and opened an issue recommending that the rejection message be inserted at the top of the e-mail instead.