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Present: TM, RL, JE

  • Administration
    • TM registered a collective on Open Collective for the Board, added JE and RL as members, and applied to and was accepted by Open Collective Europe as a fiscal host
    • The meeting discussed what contributor tiers we want to have listed on Open Collective; it was agreed to cut the default €100/month tier
    • The meeting discussed what expenses should be paid from the Open Collective account. It was agreed that priority should be given to hosting fees (domain name, web/mail hosting, news/shell access for moderation software, etc.). In the event of any significant surplus, the money could be applied to maintenance and further development of (Web)STUMP and to outreach activities such as attendance at technical conferences where members are presenting on behalf of the Board.
    • JE to look into the T-shirt promotions offered by Open Collective. Also agreed that a Big-8-themed T-shirt would be offered to emeritus members who helped reconstitute the Board.
    • JE to draft an announcement about the Board's Open Collective for posting on Usenet and circulate to the other members for comments
    • JE suggested preparing an annual budget and publishing it on our wiki; agreed that this could be linked to from our Open Collective page and the Usenet announcement. Tentative budget:
      • Web/mail hosting: €12/month
      • Domain name: €40/year
      • News/shell account: $100/year
    • It was agreed that all expenses would be paid via Open Collective for the time being and that all current Board members would donate €80 to the collective to cover outstanding expenses
  • Publicity
    • TM reported that Twitter has unsuspended our account