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Present: TM, JE, RL

  • Admin
    • JE reported that Geoff Wood has now posted an RFD for rec.audio.pcdaw to news.groups, which has been well received so far. It was agreed to give the proposal at least another week to attract comments and to ask Geoff whether any of his prospective users would like to contribute.
  • Wiki
    • JE reported that he has been in touch with Charles Lindsey of the uk.* hierarchy and exchanged some corrections/updates for our respective websites. JE to implement these on our side.
  • Publicity/misc
    • JE is continuing work on containerization of INN for SUSECon Digital 2021
    • TM reported that he is finalizing a funding proposal for a research project focused on Usenet and will circulate a draft to the Board in a week or so