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Present: RL, TM, JE

  • Publicity
    • TM: There appear to be three Big-8 Twitter accounts dating from 2013: @newsaimportant, @newsnewgroups, and @newsamoderation. I asked the former Board members and according to Paul Schleck, the logins are the same as the contact addresses for the respective newsgroups, so we can reset the passwords and assume control of the accounts if desired.
    • TM: I removed the old admins from Facebook pages for news.announce.newgroups and news.announce.important and added RL as an additional admin (just in case I get hit by a bus). I also posted an announcement about the reconstituted Board and asked any readers for comments, but received none.
  • Admin
    • TM: No response from Dave Sill since 2020-11-23 re continued involvement in task forces; we can probably remove him from the lists.
    • TM: Not yet set up mail forwarders for task forces.
    • TM: Wrote to Brian Edmonds on 2020-12-24 re continued involvement in task forces. Got a response on 2020-12-25 that he's willing to stay involved in some capacities.
    • JE: Wrote to Dario Niedermann about c.o.l.a and gave a link to RL's notes on adding a group to STUMP/WebSTUMP. No response yet.
    • JE: Wrote to Geoff Wood about an audio newsgroup. Also provided him with some alternative newsgroups. No response yet.
    • RL: Received e-mail from Tom Owad on 2020-12-16 offering to volunteer for the Board. RL wrote back on 2020-12-28 with some proposals; no response yet.
    • JE: Audit of dead groups? TM has no time; JE will start looking.
  • Wiki
    • JE: Uploaded RL's notes to the Git repo.
    • JE: Plans to convert remaining documentation to Texinfo soon.
    • TM: Not yet tried following RL's notes.
    • TM: (Web)STUMP shouldn't send rejection e-mails for spam articles submitted to comp.ai comp.ai on Google Groups. Is this a config issue or a general limitation of (Web)STUMP? RL to look into this.