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Present: RL, TM, JE

  • Publicity
    • JE reported that his oSLO presentation has not been posted online due to a technical problem with the recording, but that the oSLO organizers have invited him to submit a pre-recorded video to post in its place. Also, his Hackers Congress presentation has not been posted online because the organizers have decided to publish only a smaller selection of videos. However, JE had recorded a rehearsal video of one of the presentations and posted it to Reddit, where it has been well received.
    • TM has assumed control of the Facebook groups from Marty Moleski and will post to them soon.
  • Infrastructure/Administration
    • JE still to send reminders re comp.os.linux.announce comp.os.linux.announce on Google Groups and the proposed PC audio group.
    • TM has written to Tim Skirvin re task force mailing lists.
    • RL has fixed the misconfiguration in the STUMP setup for comp.ai comp.ai on Google Groups that resulted in posts being auto-approved. TM has since posted an announcement about the change in moderator and has already approved several new on-topic article submissions.

Reminder: No Board meetings for the rest of this year (and presumably also not on 1 January 2021).