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Present: TM, RL, JE


TM reported that, after some further work to bring the source files into compliance with the copyright and licence guidelines, Savannah has finally accepted our STUMP submission and has created a STUMP project. The WebSTUMP submission is still pending. TM to populate the STUMP repository once it is created.


JE reported that he was finally successful in setting up INN, using the list of newsgroups and active files from ISC, and has already established peerings with third-party servers via news.admin.peering news.admin.peering on Google Groups. JE to send details of the server to RL and TM for testing purposes.

JE noted that since we haven't yet migrated to a modern signing key, whenever we add/remove/change a newsgroup, we can extract and distribute a subset of the ISC files containing only the Big-8 groups.

JE reported that he hasn't yet e-mailed Dario Niedermann about comp.os.linux.announce comp.os.linux.announce on Google Groups but will do so before the next meeting.

JE reported on his well-received presentation on the Big-8 at #hcpp20. On Friday he will give a similar talk at the 2020 openSUSE + LibreOffice Virtual Conference.


RL reported that he is still awaiting a response from Russ Allbery on the forgery notifications, though fortunately we haven't been receiving any more of them.

RL reported that he hasn't yet set up comp.ai comp.ai on Google Groups but will do so soon.


It was agreed to step up the Board's efforts to publicize its own revitalization and the Big-8 and Usenet in general. TM to draft a press release and then coordinate media contacts with RL and JE.