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Present: TM, RL

Apologies: JE


TM reported that the Savannah moderators have once again rejected the (Web)STUMP submissions due to problems with the copyright/licence notices. TM to continue to work with the moderators to get the files in an acceptable state for hosting on Savannah.


TM reported that he has not yet set up the signing key for comp.ai comp.ai on Google Groups. RL to do this, to contact ISC to set the new moderation address, and to try posting a couple test articles (with STUMP temporarily configured to send them to a test group).

RL reported that he has fixed the problem with getting multiple forgery notifications for the same article. He has also determined that the message was flagged as a forgery in the first place due to what looks like a malformed X-Auth header. He has notified Russ Allbery about this and is awaiting a response.


Agreed to defer discussion of publicity until JE returns.