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Present: TM, RL, JE


RL got a response to our licence query from Igor Chudov; apparently any licence is fine. TM to add CC BY as the documentation licence for STUMP and WebSTUMP on Savannah.

RL has been continuing to configure moderation for comp.ai comp.ai on Google Groups. It was agreed that once this was done the Board would appoint TM personally, rather than the Board itself, as moderator pro tem, since it's not in the Board's remit to moderate groups unrelated to the administration of the Big 8. TM to draft the announcement of the moderator change.


JE reported that the Board received a report from Dario Niedermann that no messages are getting through to the moderated group comp.os.linux.announce comp.os.linux.announce on Google Groups. JE got in touch with the current moderator, Mikko Rauhala, who consented to the group becoming unmoderated or moderated by someone else. Dario Niedermann has agreed to take over as moderator with the proviso that he use a robomoderator in the event that manual moderation proves too much work. It was agreed to counteroffer that Dario take over as moderator but get in touch with the Board to discuss options in the event that manual moderation proves too much work. JE to communicate this to Dario.


Following an uptick in spam, JE reported that he added some new spam filter rules for the Board's e-mail account.