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Present: TM, RL, JE


TM reported that the Savannah admins want copyright headers on certain text files in the distribution. In theory these could be covered by the blanket GPL licence for the package, but applying the GPL to non-source files doesn't make sense, and so it was agreed to wait to get an answer from Igor Chudov on whether we can licence the documentation under CC BY. RL to write to Igor Chudov to specifically suggest this licence for the documentation.

RL reported that he has fixed the signing key configuration for news.announce.important news.announce.important on Google Groups and news.announce.newgroups news.announce.newgroups on Google Groups.

RL reported that Panix will charge for additional accounts, but that we can create unlimited free aliases for use with moderation accounts. RL has created such an alias but is still in the process of configuring WebSTUMP to use it. RL to document this process eventually.