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Present: TM, RL, JE


TM reported that GNU has officially appointed the individual Board members (TM, RL, and JE) as maintainers of STUMP and WebSTUMP. We can now submit the packages to Savannah, though the submission form lists certain requirements that the packages currently don't fulfill. TM to try submitting the packages to Savannah anyway with a note that we're addressing the outstanding issues as a matter of priority but would like the packages on Savannah first so that we can do this work with the benefit of their source control and issue tracking facilities.

RL has configured .procmailrc for moderating comp.ai comp.ai on Google Groups and set up an instance of the STUMP back end. However, we can't set up the e-mail aliases required on Panix ourselves. Paul Schleck was concerned that Panix might object to this on the grounds that moderating comp.ai comp.ai on Google Groups is not within the Board's remit and that they don't want to have to deal with the fallout of any unpopular moderation decisions. RL to approach Panix about getting an alias, and if they object, to explain that we're doing this only (1) to get experience with changing moderators, and (2) as a temporary measure while we look for a new moderator.

RL noticed that approved posts to news.announce.important news.announce.important on Google Groups and news.announce.newgroups news.announce.newgroups on Google Groups are being signed with keys other than those listed in our .plan file. Paul agreed that this must be a longstanding misconfiguration on our server. TM suggested that this may be leading to some news servers not propagating the approved articles. RL to fix the configuration.