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Present: RL, JE, TM

Wiki and website

TM has created a new design for the wiki and reorganized the front page, and applied this to the production server. RL has created a user page for himself.

JE has fixed an issue with SSL certificate provisioning for the website. The renewal should work fully automatically from now on.

JE will be posting a new tutorial to the wiki. TM to enable uploads of ODP and PDF files.


RL reported that Paul Schleck has set up WebSTUMP access for us. As planned, JE posted to n.a.n. the announcement of RL's accession to the board. STUMP successfully notified the Board of the pending message by e-mail, and JE successfully used WebSTUMP to approve it.

RL reported that he is still waiting for response from Igor Chudov regarding the (Web)STUMP sources.


JE asked if the Board is still interested in drawing journalists' attention to the reconstituted Board and its work/plans. TM said that with the new website in place, the only remaining issue is making sure we have verified that our technical processes and infrastructure is working as expected. The post to n.a.n. was part of this, but we should also do trial runs of some other housekeeping activities. It was agreed that we would next work on changing the moderator of comp.ai comp.ai on Google Groups, since the current moderator has confirmed to us that he no longer has access to the moderation account. RL to consult with Paul Schleck on getting comp.ai comp.ai on Google Groups moderated by the Board as an interim measure. JE to locate the group's charter.

JE reported that he has submitted proposals for introductory talks on Usenet and the Board's work to the 2020 openSUSE + LibreOffice Virtual Conference and to a local technical conference in Prague. He is expecting to receive the rejection/acceptance notification soon. He agreed to share his slides and speaking notes in case other Board members want to give similar presentations at future events.

New group proposal

JE mooted the idea of a new newsgroup devoted to Internet history—possibly comp.internet.history comp.internet.history on Google Groups or soc.history.internet soc.history.internet on Google Groups. TM and RL encouraged him to gauge public interest and possibly follow through with a formal RfD.