From Usenet Big-8 Management Board

Present: TM, RL, JE

Moderated groups

JE reported on correspondence from Kathy Morgan, Russ Allbery, and Todd M. McComb:

  • Changing the moderator of a group is technically easy, though finding a new moderator with the requisite technical skills and infrastructure can be hard.
  • Moderated messages don't typically contain any anti-forging measures. Generating and verifying signed headers (via PGPMoose) is possible but not common. Most news servers simply reject new posts with Approved: headers except from trusted users, and historically this seems to have been sufficient.

RL reported that for the Board's own n.a.n. group, followup headers are automatically set. It was agreed to test this by posting a message announcing RL's accession to the board. JE to draft and internally circulate the announcement message. RL to respond to Paul Schleck regarding authentication for the Board members' WebSTUMP accounts on Panix.


RL finally heard back from Igor Chudov, who says he is happy to remain maintainer of STUMP, or for us to take over, as we see fit. The Board generally agreed that moving the STUMP source code and documentation to a modern, collaborative source hosting system would be better for all users of STUMP, including the Board. It was agreed that RL would contact Igor with a view to getting a copy of his source control repository, or at least previous source releases of STUMP. We can then convert this to a Git repository, place this on a hosting system (GitHub, GitLab, etc.) and ask Igor to bless it as the new official home of STUMP.


TM reported that he was still in the process of testing/adapting a new skin.

RL to add a user page for himself in advance of the above-noted n.a.n. announcement.

JE reported that he will be updating the wiki with the above-noted information on moderation, and with a new page on the Board's current projects.