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Present: TM, RL, JE


RL got in touch with Paul Schleck, a former Board member who is happy to work with us on STUMP.

JE gave a presentation on the exact mechanism of moderated groups. We need further details on how moderated messages are signed. We also don't know how the ISC's moderation relay is kept up to date. JE will ask Todd and Russ about this.

RL reported that the latest release of STUMP from Igor Chudov's web page is version 2.4, whereas the Board's Panix account seems to be running version 2.5. RL to find out what the latest version of STUMP actually is and to ask Paul about running STUMP. If necessary, RL will also phone Igor regarding contributions to (or taking over) the STUMP source repository.

It was also agreed to test the moderation software by announcing RL's accession to the Board on n.a.n., but to wait until after the next meeting so that the STUMP issues can be resolved.


TM reported that he's imported all the changes from Kathy's static version of the wiki, plus a number of past communications from the Board on n.a.n. that weren't archived on any copy of the wiki.

JE reported that he's fixed broken links on the wiki with the help of a link checker.

TM reported that he will apply a new theme so that our wiki doesn't look like a generic MediaWiki installation.

TM proposed moving the Board's minutes to move to a public part of Wiki, once RL and JE verify that the past minutes don't contain any sensitive information.