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Present: JE, RL

Apologies: TM


RL reports that he has still heard nothing from Igor Chudov regarding STUMP and his ReadySTUMP moderation hosting platform, and has emailed the Board with his findings about the moderated groups that are known to have used STUMP and ReadySTUMP.

JE reported that he knows the moderator of rec.radio.amateur.moderated, which is one of the remaining active newsgroups using STUMP. The moderator is Paul Schleck, and he has been responsive and helpful in the past. JE suggests that before trying to contact Igor Chudov via offline channels, we should ask Paul and Kathy about their STUMP setup, as they are definitely reachable. RL will do this.

JE and RL will both investigate the procedure for setting up new moderated groups, and how to start anew for groups that have missing moderators, have no access to their moderation platforms, or no longer have their PGP signing keys.

B8MB Wiki

JE reported that he has run a broken link detector on the B8MB wiki, and has updated any links that were not working.

Promoting Usenet

JE proposed holding another chat session to promote Usenet, using IRC or another service such as Discord.