From Usenet Big-8 Management Board

Present: TM, RL, JE


TM reported that he was able to recover the Big-8 MediaWiki 1.18.4 database from Roman Racine's corrupted disk image and import it into a modern, local installation of MediaWiki. The database had been backed up on 15 May 2020, but the last significant edits to the wiki are from 4 April 2013. By contrast, Kathy Morgan's static mirror has 17 pages modified after that date, so it will be necessary to manually compare those changed pages and reapply the changes to our own copy. (It's possible that there are further pages in the private area that were edited after 4 April 2013, though as Kathy's mirror doesn't include these, those edits will have been lost permanently.) TM will start preparing the wiki for deployment to our production server (for example, by disabling the old user accounts and creating new ones for the new Board members). JE will ensure that the production server will be able to serve the new wiki via HTTPS and let TM know when it's ready.


JE has been spreading word about Usenet. He has organized a public chat tonight for Usenet newbies on IRC. This has been advertised on ]news:alt.fan.usenet alt.fan.usenet], Reddit, and Twitter. TM and RL may attend as well, time permitting.

Group list

TM has been received messages about the group list and distribution policies from Bill Horne. He will forward these on to the rest of the Board.


RL and JE have been continuing to familiarize themselves with INN. RL wrote to Igor Chudov regarding the issues discussed at the last Board meeting but has yet to receive a response.

Future meetings

TM reported that he will be able to make next week's meeting after all, as the conflicting appointment has been rescheduled.