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Present: Rayner Lucas (RL), JE, TM

Board membership

RL introduced himself and TM and JE decided to formally appoint him to the Board.


JE suggested that in the near future we should test if the Board's infrastructure still works, and familiarize ourselves with it, by changing a moderation address and/or by processing a group deletion request. JE to get in touch with news server operators to see whether/how they are using the Board's group list.

Admin/legal issues

TM reported that establishing an organization in Austria is not too difficult in terms of fees and paperwork (though it is required to submit a constitution in German). At least one member of the organization must be resident in Austria, but there is no citizenship requirement. However, for formal non-profit status (which may be necessary for donations to be tax-deductible) there may be significant initial and ongoing fees/paperwork. Agreed to defer further consideration of organizing in Austria in favour of RL looking into the corresponding procedures in the UK.


TM has not yet had a reply to his e-mail to Roman and so will look into other ways of contacting him. TM to ask Kathy and Fred if they still have wiki credentials we can use, as we will need these to access the private sections of the wiki in the event that we need to scrape the site manually.