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Present: TM, JE


JE has set up new web/mail hosting, which is paid up for the next six months. The board@big-8.org e-mail is now a real account. JE to send TM the admin credentials so that he can set up forwarding. The mail server runs an Nginx web server for the admin interface. This doesn't allow PHP, so if we need to run MediaWiki then we may need to set up a separate web server with its own hosting. Alternatively we could use the existing Nginx to serve a statically generated site. TM suggested using Pelican in that case.

Admin/legal issues

TM to investigate the possibility of registering the Board as a non-profit organization in Austria.


TM in the process of getting the Panix credentials from Kathy Morgan. JE has been in contact with Paul Schleck (who assists with the administration of WebSTUMP on Panix) and will send his contact info to TM.