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*About the Board
*About the Board
**Board members|Board members
**Board members|Board members
**Working groups|Working groups
**How to volunteer or donate|Volunteer or donate
**How to volunteer|Volunteer
**Technical Team|Technical Team
**Contacting the Board|Contact the Board
**Contacting the Board|Contact the Board
*About Usenet
*About Usenet

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  • About the Board
    • Board members|Board members
    • How to volunteer or donate|Volunteer or donate
    • Technical Team|Technical Team
    • Finances|Finances
    • Contacting the Board|Contact the Board
  • About Usenet
    • What is Usenet?|What is Usenet?
    • News service providers|News service providers
    • Newsreaders|Newsreaders
  • Policies and guides
    • Newsgroup creation|Newsgroup creation
    • Newsgroup removal|Newsgroup removal
    • Moderation|Moderation
    • Board policies|Board policies
  • Reference library
    • Archived announcements|Archived announcements
    • Meeting minutes|Meeting minutes
    • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)|Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
    • Requests for Comment (RFCs)|RFCs
    • Glossary|Glossary
    • Links|Links