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If you'ld like to volunteer to help run the Big-8, please send a message to

Let us know your background, skills, availability, and areas of interest so we can match tasks with the right people.


Some of the areas in which we are asking for volunteer help are the following:

Volunteering For The Board

Before joining the Board, we encourage you to volunteer for one or more of the subcommittees (listed above).

If you are interested in joining the Board, we would like to hear from you at

Wish List

Various suggestions have been made about what could be done to improve the big-8 system. There are included here for lack of a better place to put them. If you'd like to tackle some of these, it would be much appreciated:

  • Ask Google to distinguish more clearly between Google Groups and Usenet groups. In particular, ask Google to give clear and accurate directions about how to create a big-8 newsgroup.
  • Contact sites where old FAQs need to be updated. Some partial URLs: ups.html