Changing the Moderation Status of Existing Groups

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Newsgroups may be changed:

From moderated to unmoderated.
This change may be initiated by members of the group or by the B8MB when a moderated group has been abandoned.
From unmoderated to moderated.
Changing a group from unmoderated to moderated is "strongly discouraged" - which, in practice, means "practically impossible."
    • There are many News Service Providers who would not make the change. Some people would see a moderated group, others with different NSPs would see the unmoderated version.
    • Such changes in the past have cultivated massive resentments. Leaving the original group intact and creating a companion moderated group allows group members to have a choice between the two different kinds of newsgroups on the same topic.
    • In all likelihood, the board won't even publish an RFD to change a group from unmoderated to moderated. A proposal for such a change should not be submitted unless the group finds a way to demonstrate virtual unanimity. We strongly recommend that you instead spend your effort on learning how to use filters or how to create a moderated companion to the original group.
    • Examples of change from unmoderated to moderated:[1]
I think the RFD's for most are here.  In many cases, there is the
original RFD for the unmoderated group, and the RFD for the switch to
a moderation a year or two later.
ftp:'' (cross-posting, spam, noise)
	comp.compression.research ("research" not magic token)
	comp.infosystems.www.authoring.cgi (robomoderated)
	comp.lang.asm.x86 (flame wars - 68000 is too better)
	comp.lang.visual (confusion - MS Visual Basic)
	comp.programming.literate (confusion - programming literacy)
	comp.protocols.dns.ops (renamed
	comp.std.c++ (confusion - c++ rather than standardization) (confusion - news about MS-Windows) (confusion - Ponzi scheme business)
	news.newusers.questions	(disorganized)
	rec.arts.comics.creative (off-topic swamps low volume) (off topic/commercial) (flame-wars) (noise, non-tabs)
	sci.aeronautics	(noise)
	soc.culture.indian.telugu (robo-moderate cross-posts)
	soc.genealogy.african (offensive, racist trolling) (inflamatory/trolling) (excessive cross-posting)

The B8MB may also in rare and unusual circumstances change the moderator(s) of a newsgroup.

How Moderation Is Supposed to Work

  • A new post is sent via the News Net Transfer Protocol (NNTP) to a news server.
  • IF it is correctly configured, the news server sees the group is moderated, and relays the post via e-mail to via the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
  • sends the message via SMTP to the email (SMTP) address used by the moderator(s).
  • The email server passes the post to the moderator(s) or the moderation software.
  • If the post is approved, either automatically by software or by a human decision, the "approved" header is added to the post.
  • The post is then injected via NNTP into a news server, which then shares it with its peers.