From Usenet Big-8 Management Board

Present: TM, RL, JE

    • Administration:
    • JE: The Gemini mailing list is interested in creating a newsgroup comp.infosystems.gemini comp.infosystems.gemini on Google Groups which would be in the same category as the current comp.infosystems.gopher comp.infosystems.gopher on Google Groups. See Comp.infosystems.gemini_RFD for a draft.
      • The meeting agreed that JE should pursue this issue with the Gemini mailing list members and that ideally sponsorship of the proposal should be delegated to one of them so that we have better evidence that the community will sustain the newsgroup and so that all Board members can consider the proposal/RFD at arms length
  • Infrastructure:
    • RL: I've been doing misc. filesystem cleanup on Panix; have thankfully discovered that we're nowhere near filling our disk quota
  • Misc:
    • TM: Possibly will receive a funding decision on Usenet archive research project next week