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Present: JE, RL, TM

Internal documentation


  • TM reported that the public_html directory in our Panix account contains rudimentary websites for the various newsgroups that the Board operates. The websites generally list the moderators and charters/posting guidelines. TM has updated the n.a.n. website though we still need to do the rest. For ease of maintenance, perhaps these could be redirected to wiki pages. TM to handle this.
  • Kathy Morgan had reported (on 29 October) on a rejected news.groups.proposals news.groups.proposals on Google Groups submission that we should investigate. JE to contact the submitter.
  • Status of comp.ai comp.ai on Google Groups: RL has figured out the rejection problem but still needs to update our Procmail recipe.


  • JE reported that he has updated the STUMP and WebSTUMP entries in the FSF directory.
  • JE asked about references to Igor Chudov's defunct mailing list in the STUMP/WebSTUMP documentation. TM indicated that he has created a new mailing list that can be used for support and development discussions. JE to update the documentation to point to this list.


  • TM presented an incomplete draft of a press release on the Board's reconstitution and recent activity. TM to continue working on it, listing all three Board members as publicity contacts.