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Present: TM, RL, JE


TM reported that he made the minimal set of changes to STUMP and WebSTUMP necessary to check all the confirmation boxes on the Savannah submission forms (mostly relating to the presence of copyright and licence notices), and has now submitted the packages to Savannah. The packages are currently under review by the Savannah moderators. TM had to remove the STUMP documentation from the submission because it was not clear how it was licensed; RL to write to Igor Chudov to clarify this and to inform him that the packages will be maintained on Savannah rather than GitHub.

RL used the Panix account to mail Panix Support regarding a moderation account for comp.ai comp.ai on Google Groups but has yet to receive a response. RL also temporarily modified our .procmailrc on Panix as didn't appear to allow for any replies from Panix Support.

RL reported that he hasn't yet fixed the news.announce.important news.announce.important on Google Groups and news.announce.newgroups news.announce.newgroups on Google Groups signing key configuration but will do so this weekend.


JE reported that the Big-8 mail server needs to be patched and so it may be briefly unavailable.


JE reported that Russ is working on deploying a new signing key for our control messages. How best to distribute the key is still to be decided. Once the new key is ready for use, the Board should make an official announcement about it.