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Some or all of the information on this page may be out of date and is pending revision.

Group Mentors are volunteers who are willing to coach proponents through the newsgroup creation process.



  • help proponents understand the newsgroup creation process, clarify their proposals, and meet the minimal standards for a formal proposal.
  • sort incoming proposals, reject those that are inappropriate for the Big-8, correspond with proponents, ensure that proposals become properly formatted.
  • maintain the newsgroup creation queue on the website.
  • maintain and publish the guidelines for group creation and a FAQ or FAQs designed to help people understand the process.

Contact address:

Coordinator: Tim Skirvin


  • Doug Freyburger
  • Jayne Kulikauskas
  • Steve Bonine
  • Brian Edmonds
  • Jonathan Kamens
  • Marty Moleski (sorting the mail at present)
  • Dave Sill

This list may be out-of-date; a complete list is available here.

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